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Upcoming Shows at the Gallery at Still River Editions

Saddle Horse
Photographs by Lisa Cohen
October 25 – December 19, 2014
Opening reception Saturday, October 25, 2 pm - 4pm

Stampede by Lisa Cohen
"Stampede" © Lisa Cohen, Silver Mountain Studio

The black-and-white images included in the exhibition “Saddle Horse” reflect South Salem, NY photographer Lisa Cohen’s time spent in Colorado photographing working horses during the annual Great American Horse Drive.

Each year, approximately 800 of these “saddle” horses are rounded up from their overwintering pasture where they live largely free from human contact for most of the year. Once they are all accounted for, they are driven approximately 60 miles against the stunning backdrop of the Colorado range, to their destination at a private ranch. Cohen has returned to participate in and photograph the event four times over the last five years.

Cohen explains, “I have an affinity for these horses because of their history and heritage. The herd contains a mixture of breeds including American Quarter Horses, Draft horses, and others. Some are believed to be descendants of the wild mustang. During the drive, they move together at a swift and thunderous pace, creating a beautiful, colorful sea of horses.”

Soon after they arrive at the ranch, they are sent out to work for the summer months in Colorado and the surrounding states until they come back to the ranch and they are set free once again for the winter.

In Cohen’s words, “The wonder and majesty of these creatures becomes clearer when you see how healthy and vibrant they look after a winter out on the range where weather conditions can be harsh and food may be sparse. During that time they live as wild mustangs do. They’re as close to free as you can be.” 

Talking about her photograph, “Stolen Moment,” Cohen said, “They typically live in smaller groups or pairs within the herd and during the drive they will search and call for each other if they are separated. They will not stop searching for their mates until they are reunited and those moments can be very poignant. Each time I return to photograph the drive; I look for the horses that I know are partners. The two horses in ’Stolen Moment‘ struggle fiercely to find each other during drive and I was lucky enough to catch them reuniting for a serene moment during an otherwise chaotic day.”

More information on Lisa Cohen may be found at her website, http://silvermountainstudio.com


Award-winning equine photographer Lisa Cohen of South Salem, NY spends as much time as she can photographing horses in the American West. She has a special interest in photographing America’s wild mustangs, but also loves to capture the beauty and versatility of hardworking American ranch horses.

Cohen studied photography for many years, and in her early career, she was an intellectual property attorney working for Condé Nast Publications, owner of one of the most historically significant photographic archives in existence worldwide. She says, “I have been fortunate enough to be able to switch gears and stand behind the lens instead. I am constantly striving to capture the natural beauty and elegance of the people and animals that I photograph.”

Cohen’s photographs are included in numerous private collections.

Artist’s Statement

Captured at just the right moment, the glimpse of an eye, or the slight movement of the head or body can reveal profound emotion. This moment can tell a life story, uncover the delicate aspects of a soul. I like to observe subtleties like these, and invite people to connect with my subjects with a new understanding and intimacy. I choose subjects, or sometimes happen upon them, because of their heritage or history, and sometimes, their struggle.

Enchanting, majestic creatures, American Saddle Horses carry themselves nobly in spite of collective and individual lifetimes of hardship and captivity. Often of mixed lineage, they are the “mutts” of the horse world, yet their origins and service can be traced back to the American Revolutionary war and the Colonial Era. The last vestige of the American workhorse, I am inspired by their strength, loyalty and ability to demonstrate grace, elegance and trust in the human race despite what they might have endured at the hands of humans in the past.

I strive to capture the contrast between their power and vulnerability.  To honor the beauty of these working class heroes, living in the moment, with dignity and joy. 

Photography is a method of storytelling for me, an outlet for the way I reflect on and observe the world. I hope that this collection inspires questions of self-reflection. For me, it invokes thoughts about where we have been and where we are going.

About the Gallery at Still River Editions

The Gallery at Still River Editions has hosted national and regional photographers and artists since 1989. In spring 2011, after a brief hiatus from exhibiting new work, the gallery returned to hosting shows on a quarterly basis. The Gallery's mission is to show traditional and digital prints of photographs and fine artwork, and to be a center of creativity and connection in the Danbury area.

The Gallery at Still River Editions is open during normal business hours 8:30 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday, and during posted hours for special events. The Gallery does not accept unsolicited submissions at this time.

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Oct. 25 - Dec. 19, 2014
"Saddle Horse: Photographs by Lisa Cohen"

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